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The Coolest Invention Since The Pop-Up.

The patent pending SpiderMount is the winner of the 2009 Exhibitor Show Buyer's Choice Award.

SpiderMount is a flush mount monitor system for the Evolution™ pop-up display.
The patent-pending SpiderMount brings modern technology to pop-up exhibitors with a smooth finished look.

SpiderMount wins Buyers Choice Award

SpiderMount outperforms the competition

Add video technology to your pop-up display to increase your visibility with your trade show audience. Weighing just three pounds, SpiderMount fully integrates with your display graphics. And a graphic can even be used to cover the monitor when not in use.

SpiderMount will fit on both full height and table top displays. A full height 10’ display can hang up to four monitors utilizing SpiderMount.

Based on comparisons to other products in the industry, ExpoDisplays is confident that our monitor mount system is the easiest and most lightweight system to use.

Unlike competitor framework that is ’fully cross braced’, our quads are open, enabling the mount to fit within any Evolution frame, in up to 12 different locations; giving you total control over how your display looks and functions.

SpiderMount Accessories

Helpful accessories enhance SpiderMount

Bring interactivity to your display with the SpiderMount front mount keyboard shelf and/or rear DVD shelf.

Keyboard Shelf -- Front Mount

Utilizing the front mount keyboard shelf you can interact with your monitor for Internet browsing, demonstrations, user interactivity, and more. Room enough to hold a full size keyboard and mouse.

DVD Shelf -- Rear Mount

The rear mounting DVD shelf attaches directly to the SpiderMount frame allowing you a secure and logical place to position your DVD player or laptop. Attaches with the same ease as the SpiderMount itself, utilizing one tool and magnetic connections.

SpiderMount made for Evolution Pop-Up Display

Designed for the Evolution pop-up

SpiderMount is designed exclusively for the Evolution pop-up display. As the industry’s premier pop-up, the Evolution makes exhibiting easy with a frame the simply expands and pops into place with lights already attached.

SpiderMount also uses the Vizio 22" LCD monitor to bring vivid visuals to your audience.

SpiderMount is so simple to setup!

Step 1: Attach monitor

Attaching SpiderMount to monitor

1 After transporting SpiderMount in it’s convenient carrying case and accompanying monitor case, simply remove both from their cases and assemble the SpiderMount to the back of the monitor with the provided tool. One simple tool and a few minutes is all it takes to establish a secure connection.

Step 2: Hang on frame

Set SpiderMount in place

2 Prior to attaching the graphic panels, SpiderMount is hung from the framework. The monitor height can be adjusted to position it exactly where it is needed.

Step 3: Place graphics

Put the graphics on over SpiderMount

3 Once the monitor location on the frame is determined, graphics are designed around that and attached with magnetic stripping. This is the same quick and easy way that all of our Evolution graphics assemble.

Step 4: Enjoy

Using SpiderMount 4 With SpiderMount securely holding your monitor within the graphics of your Evolution pop-up display, you are ready to put on a fantastic presentation. Whether you’re playing a looping video, connecting to the internet or showing slides from a presentation, you will be showing off in an impressive fashion with SpiderMount.